Medirec, Inc. is composed of a diverse panel of experts which include: Physicians, Computer Engineers, and Computer Scientists. Our research and Development is headed by PHD Professors, who provide us with the necessary tools so our products and services may operate using only the latest and most secure technology possible in an HIPPA compliance environment.



  • Services both online and offline. Our online services include our Support Ticket System that enables you to report any problem at any time and our customer support specialist will address the situation as soon as possible. 
  • Access to drug databases through our website as well as with some of our tools. Our clients can get the latest upgrades from the download section in our website to keep MediRec up to date. 
  • Our training staff will go to your office and install MediRec in your network and provide training onsite for the transition process. We also offer support over the phone during office hours.

Contact Information

Mr. Joel Cajigas, Sales and Marketing Director

Tel: 787-834-5706
Fax: 787-834-5898
Address: La Quinta Industrial Park 177 Balboa St. Mayagüez, PR 00680