Environmental Policy Solutions

EPS is a non-profit corporation that offers a vision of a sustainable Puerto Rico. This is achieved through broad, fair, transparent, and effective of all constituents affected by social infrastructure projects, economic       and / or environmental. 

The purpose is to contribute to the sustainability of Puerto Rico through social scientific research and training of constituents in environmental decision-making processes.


  • Identify areas of human behavior that affect natural resource use, energy consumption, transportation,
  • Characterize the knowledge, perception and attitudes of the public at different infrastructure projects
  • Help overcome barriers to technology adoption
  • Develop strategies for maximizing the welfare of all taxpayers involved
  • Having a better understanding of the needs of different communities and capabilities needed to achieve collaborative transition towards a sustainable fund.

Contact Information

Dr. Cecilio Ortiz Vega – President
Dr. Marla Perez Ortiz –VP

Tel: 787-464-2936
Fax: 787-806-8584
Address: La Quinta Industria Site 177 Balboa St. Mayagüez, PR 00680
Postal Address : Calle Obispado #245, Mayagüez, PR, 00623.