CDI Laboratories

CDI Laboratories, Inc. is a privately owned, venture fund supported corporation engaged in the research, development and marketing of therapeutics and medical devices in the human health.


Research and development
Human Health

CDI is conducting research and development in the following areas:

  • Transgenic protein expression platform for the production of therapeutic proteins for humans. 
  • Dehydration assessment.
  • Treatment of Mycoplasma infections.


  • Monoclonal antibody development services- MAbs can be created by the Fast-MAb™ platform against antigens provided by clients or in the case of human proteins, these can be recombinantly produced in-house. 
  • Ascites based antibody production services- Client and proprietary MAbs can be produced  from ascites. 
  • Protein A/G antibody purification

CDI Laboratories was awarded the EnterPRize 2006 First Prize, an entrepreneurship competition organized by Mckinsey & Company in the Guayacán Center for Global Entrepreneurship.

Contact Information

Dr. Ignacio Pino, President

Tel: 787-806-4100