Caribbean Bio Technologies

Pioneers in biological threat identification systems

Caribbean Bio Technologies (CBT) is a  small business technology driven company, part of a corporation with the potential and committed to produce technology that can positively impact society. 

The company’s technology started as a research in non-invasive methods of testing particles phenomena, which later lead to particle detection and bio-aerosol identification. 


The Instantaneous Bio-Aerosol Threat Identification System, will give you the most accurate and rapid response to a threat from a biological attack. Also: 

  • Constantly monitors its surrounding environment or that of different areas. 
  • Obtain the aerodynamic size of the particles coming in. 
  • Analyses the specific spectra caused by multi photon excitation. 
  • Future applications for our bio-aerosol detection device include medical applications as well as other environmental applications requiring instant analysis of airborne particles. 
  • Our product can be adapted easily to determine instantaneously if a person is infected with a harmful disease that can be transmitted through the atmosphere.

Future business projections:

  • Hospitals
  • Armed Forces
  • Government’s agencies

Contact Information

Mr. Henry Holguin, ME
Tel/ Fax: 787-831-0670
Address: La Quinta Industrial Site, Balboa 177 Mayaguez, Puerto Rico 00680